Matcha White Chocoloate (40% cocoa)
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Matcha White Chocoloate (40% cocoa)

Brand: Lucocoa
Black Owned

Matcha White Chocolate

This unique tea mixed with our enigmatic and alluring signature Natural Blonde creates a beautiful delicate blend of matcha with creamy caramel cues. The matcha we use is grown in Uji, in Kyoto prefecture, Japan and known for its key differentiating characteristics - vivid pine green colour, refreshing 'oika' (???) aromas and an exquisite savoury 'umami' (???) flavour profile.

Why its on The Cornrow?

You cant launch a lifestlye brand without a chocolate range and we were completely addicted to the taste of Lucocoa. Lucocoa chocolates use coconut sugar and Lucuma (a Peruvian fruit), instead of refined sugar and they taste all the more exquisite for it.

Founded in 2015, this black owned business has raised the (Chocolate) bar..

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