Noush Dolls Salome Mermaid Ornament
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Salomé Mermaid Ornament

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Salomé Mermaid Ornament

Mermaids have been a part of African and Black folklore for centuries. In many West African cultures, they are known as "Mami Wata" or "Mami Water," and are often depicted as beautiful, alluring women who possess mystical powers and control over water.  In African and Black folklore, mermaids often symbolize the power and mystery of the ocean and are associated with themes of beauty, danger, and transformation.

30cm from head to toe and cast in resin. Designed by Belgian artist Manoushka and created by a South African artisan called Blessing.

These ornaments are perfect as a pair so that you can use them as bookends. We got books too on The Cornrow! 

Sold individually


Why it's on The Cornrow
We are delighted to feature these captivating Salome Mermaid Noush Dolls that perfectly blend the sacred, spiritual essence of traditional African dolls with a modern and contemporary twist. Get ready to be transported into the future of African doll culture.

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Noush Projects

Noush Project Dolls are created by an artist/maker pair - Manoushka and Blessing

Manoushka recognised the history of the Clonnette doll that was popular across Africa in the 60s and 70s and aimed to reimagine them with features and props that better resembled the Africans that were playing with them.

These dolls are iconic pieces of art that should be cherished for generations.

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