Ayo / Oware Board
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Ayo / Oware Board

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Ayo Board

Ayo (pronounced aah-yoh), also  known as 'Awele' - and numerous other names depending on where you're from - is a traditional game played in Western Africa. It is a game that requires a lot of brainpower and mathematical skill.

It is an abstract strategy game among the Mancala family of board games (pit and pebble games)

The Ghanian name, Oware which literally means "he/she marries" — is said to derive from a legend  about a man and a woman who played the game endlessly and, so as to be able to stay together and continue playing, they married.

Reflecting traditional African values, players of Ayo/Oware encourage participation by onlookers, making it perhaps the most social two-player game. In recreational play, it is normal for spectators to discuss the game in progress and to advise the players.

Games may provide a focus for entertainment and meeting others.

The game, or variations of it, also had an important role in teaching arithmetic to African children.

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