Bouquet Vert - Lime Chocolate Bar (65% Cacao)
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Bouquet Vert - Lime Chocolate Bar (65% Cacao)

Black Owned

Bouquet Vert - Lime Chocolate Bar (65% Cacao)

Bouquet Vert is a dark and rich cacao bar infused with with mellow, floral and citrus - it feels like a rich earth and lime trees in full bloom. There are notes of candied lime and something toasty. It's a slow melt, but that only helps savouring each new layer of flavour..

65% Cacao
Ingredients: Haitian Cacao, Lime Zest, Rapadou (Artisanal Cane Sugar)

A Vegan Dark Chocolate bar handcrafted with limes directly sourced from Myabel Farm in Croix-Des-Bouquets, Haiti

Why it's on The Cornrow?
We are so proud to source a range of Black Owned Chocolate Brands on The Cornrow. The founder of Askanya Corinne Joachim-Sanon-Symietz is a Haitian-American Engineer with the Black Girl Magic! She utilised her industrial engineering knowledge to start a chocolate factory in rural Haiti!

Realising that Haitian Cacao was among the top 50 in the world, she decided to create ethical and gourmet chocolates that Haitians could be proud of and that chocolate connoisseurs worldwide would fall in love with.

Corinne also wanted for her social impact business to generate direct revenues for Haitian farmers; full-time jobs for young women and work opportunities in the Haitian countryside.

Since 2015, Askanya Chocolates are made in Haiti, using natural ingredients, honestly sourced and handcrafted by women. The company has been featured in Cool Hunting, USA Today, NPR and Black on Wall St.

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