Chalesay- Ghanaian Barbershop Art
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Chalesay- Ghanaian Barbershop Art

Black Owned Eco One of a Kind

PRE-ORDER  Chalesay Barber Shop art 

Beautiful decorative wooden board showcasing two cool guy hairstyles in the style of traditional Ghanaian Barbershop art.

- Acrylic on Wood

- Dimensions   608 x 367mm

Please allow 4 weeks for Delivery from Ghana 🇬🇭

Why It's on The Cornrow

Ghana really has given us so much. Ghanaian Barber shop art was artistic resourcefulness at its best. Starting in the 1930s, before the advent of digital printing, self taught artists painted hairstyles on wooden boards for customers to select their chosen hairstyle from. 

Head and Hair in West African Tradition could signify everything from wealth, to power, to style and even intelligence, and the styles drawn by these artists would reflect these beliefs. Later as African-American icons became popular on the continent as well, they would depict the trends of the latests African American fashions including high tops and fades. 

Now they are collectors items and very hard to come by.

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