Clean Up!
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Clean Up!

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Clean Up! by Nathan Bryon, illustrated by Dapo Adeola

Join lovable, passionate Rocket as she sets off on a mission to save a Caribbean island from plastic pollution!

When Rocket goes for a holiday to visit her grandparents, she's shocked by the pollution that is spoiling their island home and putting the local sea life at risk. Can she think of a way to save the day?

This is a heartwarming, timely and empowering picture book, showing how we ALL can make a difference.

Why it's on The Cornrow?

Selected by Sadé Ajana.

The Sadé of Sadé Magazine is our Children's Book Curator and she has selected this book for young readers.

Sadé's Review:

Clean Up is a book about a young Girl called Rocket goes to meet her Grandpa and Grandma, at the beach! But when Rocket realises that the ocean is in big trouble, because of the trash the people are throwing in the sea! Will Rocket be able to keep the ocean safe?

Rating 5/5 A book that shows awareness about our planet today, will always get 5 stars from me!

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