Elohor Doll
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Elohor Doll

Black Owned Made In Africa

Elohor Unity Doll

Elohor is a bright, beautiful Urhobo girl from the South-South part of Nigeria.

We fell in love with the Unity dolls because of the wonderful details of their outfits, which truly represent the clothes of their Nigerian regions. They also have lovely little necklaces and waist beads.

Unity Girls Dolls are a collection of 14-inch dolls, each representing Nigeria’s  major ethnic groups which promotes cultural inclusion amongst Africans and her diaspora communities. The product is being created to deliver an empowering social message to girls around Nigeria and the world at large.

Also included is a story book which tells you more about Elohor and about the country of Nigeria where she is from including details on the culture and historic landmarks. 

We love that this doll is designed and developed by a Nigerian company and therefore we are supporting the Nigerian economy and Nigerian employment by purchasing these dolls. 

Why it's on The Cornrow?

We are trying to curate the most unique collection of dolls! We love that these dolls are so culturally spot on and really show the beauty of Nigerian outfits!

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