Coming to America - Ghanaian Movie Poster Art
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Coming to America - Ghanaian Movie Poster Art

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PRE-ORDER Coming to America - Ghanaian Movie Poster art 

Coming to America Movie Poster, painted on canvas in the style of traditional Ghanaian Movie Poster Art. This piece will add some humour and some pop culture to any free wall space. Please note the size on it though, it is practically lifesize and will be a talking point! Perfect for an area where you want to make a statement.

- Acrylic on Canvas

- Dimensions 146x97cm

Please allow 4 weeks for Delivery from Ghana 🇬🇭

Why It's on The Cornrow

Before there was Nollywood, there was Ghanaian and Nigerian Movie poster art.  . Starting in the 1980s with the advent of mobile-cinemas in west Africa showing bootleg screenings of Hollywood films, these movie-clubs would hire skilled artists to help with advertising.

Before access to digital printing, artists would re-create  the movie posters. Some, were direct recreations of the original artwork, but other times, artists took artistic licence and re-imagined scenes from the movies or just brazenly created entirely new storylines...  

Like Barber Shop Art, they are now collectors items and very hard to come by. Our Barbershop art is produced in Ghana by the same team who develop our Asafo Flags.

Want to learn more about this topic? Check out this blog post here. 

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