Hair Extension Recycling Bag
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Hair Extension Recycling Bag

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Hair Extension Recycling Bag

Hair Extensions are a staple for many of us, they give us versatility, flexibility and  allow us to have fun with our hair guilt free. Except its not entirely guilt free because real and synthetic hair ends up in landfill when we are finished with it. These recycling bags help solve that problem and ensure our old extensions can get melted down and re-made into something new.  They can be used for hair that is not from Tiwani Heritage too! 

Why it's on The Cornrow

We couldn't have a site centering the black aesthetic without including hair extensions, a cornerstone of Black Fashion and Style. We were so happy to find Tiwani Heritage - a black owned hair company committed to representing afro hair textures. The amazing co-founders of Tiwani Heritage have partnered with TerraCycle to create a hair recycling program. As someone who has spent a few hours googling how best to dispose of hair extension this was a revelation and we knew we had to get them on The Cornrow.

Purchase the recycling bag and you can use these to  return the hair once you are finished with it. You can use these bags for non Tiwani Hair too! Pack all those old styles into the bag and let them get a new lease of life as something .

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