Ivory Shea Butter
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Ivory Shea Butter

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Ivory Shea Butter

Raw. One ingredient. Ethically sourced. Fragrance Free. Vegan.

Shea butter is the ultimate African beauty secret. Used for centuries by women to protect and regenerate the skin, its potency lies in its naturally high concentration of Vitamins A and E.

Ivory Shea is from Ghana and has a light crumbly texture. It has a natural nutty, vanilla honey-like fragrance.

Uses and Benefits: Shea Butter is known for its high content of fatty acids and its naturally occurring content of Vitamins A and E. Traditionally used as a "cure-all" balm, with women in Africa using it on everything from stretch marks and scars to babies' bums. An excellent natural alternative to petroleum jelly.

How To Use: All you need is a small amount, let it melt between your hands and apply everywhere - body, face, feet, and hands.

Please note: Psoriasis suffers are advised to patch test before use as Shea butter encourages the regeneration of skin cells. People with psoriasis have an increased production of skin cells resulting in the build-up which is what is associated with psoriasis.

Shea butter contains natural latex, although reactions to Shea butter are quite rare please be aware of possible allergic reaction.

Ingredients: Butyrospermum Parkii ( Shea Butter).

Why It's on The Cornrow?

Liha beauty was one of the first brands we reached out to because we love what they stand for. They lean into traditional West African beauty rituals but fuse this with a modern aesthetic. We are all about a modern take on heritage at The Cornrow. The range with its rich butters, oils and candles is the ultimate in self-love, wellness and slow living. Its natural, organic and vegan and should be in your basket now.

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