The Train Is Ready To Go Asafo Flag
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The Train Is Ready To Go Asafo Flag

Black Owned One of a Kind Made In Africa

The Train Is Ready to Go Asafo Flag

Asafo Flags are a beautiful example of West African craftsmanship and we are proud to have sourced a few wonderful examples for The Cornrow.

This particular flag is called 'The Train Is Ready To Go'. This flag derives from the influence of the Europeans constructing railways around the Fante regions where the flag originate.

This is a vintage flag made in 2010.

165cm x 130 cm

The Fante people, from the Central Region of Ghana's coast created these flags to celebrate their military companies. They are made with hand appliquéd cloth with imagery, always unique, which would either depict an historical event, identify a military company with an animal, an image of power or depict a confrontational proverb to threaten other rival companies. The flags often have a flag which was a result of the influence of British colonialism. 

Since the 1990’s these flags have become highly collectable worldwide are are displayed in many museums including the British Museum.

Today, newly made flags are facing a decline as they are no longer used for war but for peaceful festival displays and enstoolment of new chiefs. Demand has dropped with old traditions fading, so lets reinvigorate this ancient tradition on The Cornrow 

Natural wear, tattering and stains from age will be evident in most Asafo flags even with the new ones as just in case as there always tends to be minor spotting. 

Why it's on The Cornrow?

The Cornrow Home Collection is inspired by none other than our co-founder Kemi of Cottage Noir. These are items which represent our mission to showcase a modern Black Aesthetic. The Black Aesthetic so varied - Africa and the Diaspora is vast and so are the styles and cultures it has produced and we aim to showcase as much of it as we can.

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