About Us


The Cornrow was founded by two sisters, Kemi (big sis) and Lara (little sis) in 2020 as a love letter to their dual African and Caribbean heritage. The sisters have a passion for sourcing and creating homeware, books and lifestyle products that celebrate and centre the Black experience. They hunt the globe (both on-foot and on-line!) for products and literature which represent them and their families, in a joyful way, for absolutely everyone to enjoy.

Kemi left a career in corporate finance to launch The Cornrow in the middle of the first UK lockdown as she realised it was actually the perfect time to follow her heart! Kemi lives and breathes The Cornrow products and philosophy at her London home which is on Instagram @CottageNoir, and the account has been nominated for an Amara Interior Blog Award for the most inspiring use of Instagram.

Lara is an accomplished digital marketing professional with experience working on global brands including Ikea, P&G and Lionsgate Films. Following the increased attention on the Black Lives Matter movement following the murder of George Floyd, she was shaken into using her skills to support the Black economy. She is tech obsessed and excited to use her expertise to support the wonderful Black Owned Brands available on The Cornrow. You can find her on TikTok at  ThisIsLaraLand.

The Cornrow is a truly family affair, with mother Yasmin, providing limitless creative advice and undertaking The Cornrow gift-wrapping service (check out her wrapping skills on insta (@yasminwrapstar). Yasmin’s partner Jonathan, formerly of Chelsea Design Centre, provides invaluable retail advice and product guidance.​ ​

Together we are on a mission to tell the under-represented stories of Black and African diaspora design! You have heard of Skandi Chic, Mid-Century Modern and Boho - now it's time to add "Afro-aristo" to that list (and forget Tribal and Safari!).