The Cornrow Glossary

You may have noticed we have broken a golden rule of web design – no slang or abbreviations!! Well, we couldn’t help it.

We wanted our customers to feel they have come into a safe and welcoming space that reminded them of “home” and therefore only slang, or patois as we would rather call it – would do. Here is a quick glossary:

Pen nuh Sword
This is our paper goods edit. We all know that the pen is mightier than the sword, why not say it in patois!
He, Him, His
We are learning all the time at The Cornrow and are trying to be as inclusive as possible. A mens’ or a gentlemans’ edit sounded a little outdated, so we used the pronouns for people who identify as male instead.
Honey Chile
Simply put our childrens’ edit. We were initially going to call this our pickin or pickney edit until we were schooled by one of our brand partners of the dubious (read slave) origins of this word – it’s good to talk!
Oshun Energy
Oshun, is the West African Deity for Femininity, Sensuality and Love. This is our edit of all this chanelling the feminine energy and power!
Ting and Tings
We always remember of Jamaican nana looking for her “ting and tings”. This edit is for essential things that are hard to categorise!
Man dem tings
Just as it say’s on the box, tings for your man dem !