African Astrology - the ancient divination tool that predates the Greek ZODIAC


The foundation of African astrology is rooted in an ancient math model known as geomancy


Geomancy is a method of divination that interprets the shapes formed by a collection of rocks or bones thrown on the ground. 


According to legend, African ancestors would gather three bones and toss them into the air. How the bones fell into a position determined one’s astrological sign. 


The 12 angles of the three bones provided a specific story of one’s zodiac. 


In this way geomancy is a form of “terrestrial astrology” and similar to the Greek Zodiac, there are 12 signs in total with each sign corresponding to an element - earth, fire, air or water.


Read on to see which one you are!


We think it's exciting to be able to connect with a personality tool that my have been used by our forefathers centuries ago. 


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The Baobab Tree

January 4th to February 3rd



LUCKY DAY: Thursday



Imagine a mighty Baobob tree, standing firm against the winds of change. That’s right, if you are born under this sign, you are renowned for your resilience and steadfastness. A true symbol of strength and endurance, your spirit mirrors the Baobob’s ability to survive in harsh conditions. As a Baobob, you are blessed with a deep-rooted sense of self, which anchors you in the turbulent sea of life.

Naturally nurturing, you often serve as a shelter for others, offering solace in times of need. People gravitate towards your steady and calming presence. You value familial and societal bonds and are likely to make choices that reinforce these ties. Relationships for you are all about reliability and consistency. A Baobob’s worldview is fundamentally grounded, favoring practicality and realism over whims and fancies. 

Those born under this sign possess strong instincts and value security. You are not easily influenced and believe in putting in hard work to manifest success.


The Wealth of Amber & Silver

February 4th to March 5th



LUCKY DAY: Wednesday

KEY BODY PART: The Nervous System

If you fall under the ‘Wealth of Amber and Silver’ or ‘Amber’, you are known for your richness of character and charm. You are attractive not just in appearance, but also in thought and action, much like the allure of precious amber and silver. Your personality shines with charisma, drawing others into your magical orbit.

As an ‘Amber’, you possess a remarkable ability to see the value in everything around you, be it people or situations. This trait often leads you to make life choices that bring joy, wealth, and success. In relationships, you are generous and caring, believing in the exchange of positivity and love. Your worldview is filled with optimism and belief in abundance, leading you to pursue a life of richness in all forms.

Those born under this sign are drawn to being provocative and can be heavy daydreamers. Your strong sense of intuition keeps you grounded.


March 6th to April 4th



LUCKY DAY: Tuesday



Those born under “Family” areborn with a heart full of warmth and devotion for their loved ones. As someone born under this sign, you are likely to be seen as the backbone of your family and friends, providing unconditional love and support. Family-oriented and committed, your life choices revolve around the wellbeing and happiness of your close ones.

Your relationships are characterized by deep bonds, loyalty, and mutual respect. You are a comforting presence, offering a listening ear and wise words during tough times. Your worldview is heavily influenced by the importance of unity and harmony. You believe that strength lies in unity, and often strive to resolve conflicts and foster a peaceful atmosphere.

This sign firmly believes in always establishing a solid foundation but always sets high goals. You are warm, generous, and have deep inner wisdom. 


Small Services to the Neighbourhood

April 5th to May 4th



LUCKY DAY: Saturday


‘Love Every Day’ or ‘Small Services to the Neighborhood’, is a sign that embodies compassion, generosity, and a love for community. If you are born under this sign, you’re often seen as a wellspring of kindness and empathy. Your heart beats for your community, and you tend to make choices that contribute to its betterment.

In relationships, you are deeply caring and understanding, always ready to extend a helping hand. Your sense of love extends beyond personal connections, encompassing everyone around you. You are the kind of person who believes in making the world a better place, one small act of kindness at a time. Your worldview is underpinned by the principle that love is a daily commitment, radiating in every small gesture and act of service.

This sign strongly believes in the power of group dynamics to achieve success. You are organized and can make solid decisions when difficult situations arise. 

The Market

May 5th to June 4th 





In the vibrant mosaic of the African Zodiac, the Market sign is akin to a bustling bazaar, teeming with diverse traits and energies. If you find your African Zodiac sign to be the Market, you are likely a lively, adaptable individual, always open to new experiences and interactions. People under this sign are known for their impressive communication skills, which allows them to connect with people of all walks of life, just like a market that brings together different communities. 

Their life choices often reflect this openness and adaptability. They might choose careers that require a high degree of social interaction and adaptability, such as sales, event planning, or hospitality. In relationships, they tend to be very open, adaptable, and understanding, making them easy to get along with. Their overall worldview is one of acceptance and adaptability, believing in the power of communication and the beauty of diversity.

Those born under this sign tend to find prosperity with ease but can struggle with unhealthy temptations. You are an optimist and often indulge in humanitarian pursuits. 

The Ancestor

June 5th to July 4th





Those born under the Ancestor sign in the African Zodiac hold a profound connection to the past, tradition, and wisdom. These individuals have a deep sense of responsibility and respect for the knowledge passed down through generations. They are often seen as wise beyond their years, embodying the calm and reflective nature of a revered elder.

In terms of life choices, those under the Ancestor sign are likely to value stability and tradition, often opting for careers in academia, history, or fields that allow them to explore the past. In relationships, they are often the ones who provide a sense of stability and wisdom, guiding their loved ones with their insight and experience. Their overall worldview is rooted in respect for tradition and understanding of the past, but this does not mean they are resistant to change. Instead, they appreciate the lessons history can teach us and apply these lessons to navigate the future.

Those born under this sign are highly intuitive and often carry the feelings of others within them. You are called to guide others and heal opposing forces. 

The Judge

July 5th to August 4th



LUCKY DAY: Tuesdays

KEY BODY PART: The Kidneys

Born under the sign of ‘The Judge’, you’re endowed with a strong sense of justice, fairness, and a natural inclination towards leadership. Your personality is highlighted by your keen analytical mind and ability to make unbiased decisions. Your life choices are driven by a profound desire for truth and justice, making you a trustworthy individual in both personal and professional settings.

In relationships, you are honest and fair, treating everyone equally, and demanding the same in return. Your relationships are built on the foundations of trust and mutual respect, and you ensure that no one is treated unfairly. Your worldview is that of an arbitrator, always striving to maintain balance and fairness in all circumstances.

Those born under this sign are headstrong and balanced. You can influence others easily with your strong will and ethical values. 

The Kola Nut

August 5th to September 3rd



LUCKY DAY: Wednesday

KEY BODY PART: The Sexual Organs

The African Zodiac sign, ‘The Kola Nut’, represents individuals who are generous, resilient, and have a zest for life. If you are born under this sign, your personality exudes optimism and the ability to remain unfazed even in the face of adversity. Your life choices often reflect your inherent strength and the will to overcome any obstacles.

In your relationships, you act as a pillar of support, providing strength and reassurance during tough times. You tend to attract people with your vivacious energy and unyielding positivity. Your worldview revolves around the belief that every situation, no matter how challenging, holds a silver lining. This outlook allows you to see the potential in even the most difficult circumstances. 

Those born under this sign deeply value learning and are often energetic. You seek freedom, balance, and joyful times, no matter what challenges you face in life. 

The Traveller

September 4th to October 3rd



LUCKY DAY: Thursday

KEY BODY PART: The Feet & Joints

Individuals born under ‘The Traveler’ sign of the African Zodiac are characterized by their restless spirit, insatiable curiosity, and an immense love for exploring new places. As a Traveler, you’re always ready to embark on an adventure, whether physical or intellectual. You’re an independent soul who values experiences over material possessions. Your life choices are driven by a desire to learn, explore, and gain diverse experiences.

Your relationships are often marked by your sense of freedom and flexibility. You form bonds with people who understand and respect your need for space and freedom. Your overall worldview is broad and open-minded, a result of your experiences and encounters with diverse cultures and philosophies.

This sign has a dual nature and often finds oneself in two different spiritual or emotional states. You are complex and more sensitive than most people realize. 

The Distance

October 4th to November 3rd





If you’re born under the sign of ‘The Distance’, you’re a person who appreciates solitude and deep introspection. You value deep thought and often seem lost in your own world. Your life choices may reflect a sense of introversion and a need for personal space and tranquility. 

Your relationships are defined by depth and authenticity. You prefer a close-knit circle of trusted friends and loved ones who understand your need for solitude and respect it. Your worldview is contemplative and philosophical; you often find yourself pondering the deeper meanings of life and existence. You have an innate ability to see beyond the obvious and decipher the hidden truths of life.

Those born under this sign are the dreamers, poets, and rebels of the world. You have a strong desire to be spontaneous and a visionary. 

The Child of the World

November 4th to December 3rd



LUCKY DAY: Saturday


If you are born under the sign of ‘The Child Of The World’, your personality traits shine with a spirit of compassion, empathy, and a deep understanding of human emotions. You love unconditionally, and your heart is open to people from all walks of life, making you a true child of the world. Your life choices are often influenced by your profound desire to heal, help, and bring about positive change.

In relationships, your loving nature and emotional intelligence make you a caring and understanding partner, friend, or family member. You see the world as a tapestry of human connections, and your worldview is rooted in the belief that love and kindness can overcome any obstacle.

Those born under this sign are enthusiastic and can make social connections quickly. You are an alchemist that always sees the glass half full. 

The Harvest & the Granary

December 4th to January 3rd 



LUCKY DAY: Tuesday


For those born under ‘The Harvest And The Granary’ sign, they are known for their practicality, resourcefulness, and strong work ethic. Just as the harvest yields grain and the granary stores it for the future, you understand the value of hard work and foresight. Your life choices reflect your careful planning and dedication to achieving your goals.

In your relationships, you are seen as a reliable and trustworthy individual. You believe in nurturing relationships with the same care you would tend to a promising harvest. Your worldview is centered around the idea that what you sow, you will reap, and this principle guides you in all your endeavors.

Those born under this sign are quick to put ideas into action. You are generous, loyal, and often full of wisdom and joy for life.  

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Co-Founder Kemi is an ANCESTOR


Kemi recently traced our family tree back to our great ancestors Minerva and Bess - Minerva survived the Middle Passage and was enslaved in Jamaica where she gave birth to daughter Bess. Kemi's passion for her own history and Black History is what inspired The Cornrow. 

This African sign resonates deeply with her.

Co-Founder LAra is a Traveller


Lara has lived in 5 cities across the world and hopes to add a few more to the list in due time!  Lara's passion for travel and learning inspires her mission to uncover art and decor from across the Diaspora for The Cornrow.  

An aspiring nomad with a sensitive side - her African Zodiac felt reassuringly accurate

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