The Afro Modern Aesthetic - 4 things to shop to introduce this style into your home

Lara Senbanjo

You've heard of Skandi, Japandi and Mediterranean and you're ready for something new

If you're ready to embrace the Afro-modern aesthetic in your home, look no further.

Each week expect a short, sharp list of items for you to vibe with from the world of home, and wellness.

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This bust is DIVINE. She's a regal lady.

Created by artist  Sandra Githinji for CB2 as part of their Black Artist collection. 

The bust is inspired by Muthoni wa Kirima - a  top-ranking female freedom fighter in 1950s Kenya.

Githinji said of Kirima:

 "She refused to cut her hair until her people tasted the fruits of independence." 

Its suitable for indoor and outdoor display and will look fabulous on a fireplace or deep bookshelf. 

Price: $399.00

Weaver Bird Bust Sandra Githinji
Photo: CB2

Jamboree wallpaper by Uzo Njoku

Wallpaper has been getting more creative for a while now. One of our favourite wallpaper designers is Sheila Bridges with her iconic Harlem Toile.

I am so happy to discover the work of Uzo Njoku  - her colour palette is so modern and her illustration style is so cool. I would love to see this in a hallway. It says so much more than any floral wallpaper could ever do.  Wallpaper that is a conversation starter! 

The site linked carries a few other designs by her as well.

This wallpaper is a perfect example of Afro-modernism

Price £55.00 per panel

Jamboree wallpaper Uzu Njuku
Photo: Studio Otto


Fine Girl No Pimple - did you hear this very original term of endearment growing up. 

We worked with a Nigerian artist to bring this candle to life. The graphics are inspired by traditional Adire textiles and the colour palette is fresh an unexpected.

Plus it can be refilled and re-used over and over again.

Inspired by African heritage and in modern form = definition of afro modern! 

Price: £45.00 

Fine Girl Candle The Cornrow
Photo: The Cornrow

4. Deco Face Wineglass set of 6

Africa is known for it's sculpture so to me these wine glasses definitely fit the afro-modern aesthetic. 

A set of 6 of these wine glasses will elevate your dinner table and making drinking even more fun! 

Price: £37.50

Deco Face Wineglass
Photo: Source Lifestyle

I hope you have enjoyed this product round-up. Whether you've just moved home or are looking for a way to refresh your space, i hope this blog provides some ideas.

I always try to seek out independent brands, black owned brands, and brands that pay attention to designing for diversity. Sometimes there might be something I couldn't resist from Zara on here but usually it will be a bit more special!